Why would the Street Scaper be a better method of preventing standing water than having my paving contractor leave a hole in the asphalt at the curb inlet?


  • This method is more likely to clog and become larger which can severely damage the sub-grade and stone base.

  • These "Weep Holes" could present a hazard and liability for pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles.

  • The Street Scaper provides structural solution that is inexpensive, bicycle friendly, reduces construction costs and increases pavement surface life.


What is the most common cause of street failure near a curb inlet?

  • The preparation and condition of the sub-grade and stone-base is possibly the most important part of a paving project. Without a solid sub-grade or stone base, no paving materials will last.

  • Patches at or near catch basins have an increased chance of repeated failure as there may still be moisture trapped in the stone and sub-grade.

  • Asphalt patches have cold joints which compromises the structural integrity of the pavement, making it susceptible to reflection cracks. This damage may not become apparent for several years but why take the chance.


How does it affect water quality?

  • Most water quality issues originate from unstabilized soils behind the curb. If your silt fence is installed correctly, streets are kept clean and sediment basins are sized and maintained correctly, sediment should not be an issue. 

  • The Street Scaper does not add any additional storm water or sediment into an area that the sediment basins were designed to contain.


Is the StreetScaper removed prior to placement of surface course?

  • No, simply fill with concrete or asphalt and pave right over it. The Street Scaper is made of 1/8" carbon steel.


What kind of maintenance is required for the Street Scaper.

  • If your streets are kept clean, minimal maintenance is required.

  • The dimensions of the Street Scaper allow water to drain quickly making it less likely to clog than other methods. It is recommended to monitor this device after each rain event.

  • We also will provide a cleanout tool with each order of 10 or more units.


How is the StreetScaper received by Inspectors?

  • Typically, once your inspector understands the benefits of using it and what the product does and how it performs, it shouldn't be a problem.

  • By installing it on your project, you are providing a superior product that is less likely to have sub-grade problems which usually result in expensive repairs. 


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