As a developer, the StreetScaper was designed to prevent street drainage problems and excessive asphalt repairs in my communities. When the asphalt is held down during construction, water cannot enter the storm drain as designed and a common practice was to leave a weep hole in the asphalt at the catch basin. 


This method often clogs and has a tendency to increase in size.  They are also unsightly and hazardous to pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles.  This trapped water can compromise the sub-grade, stone and asphalt and the StreetScaper allows water to enter the storm drain during this period and also eliminates expensive repairs & delays prior to street acceptance. 


The benefit to the cities & towns is that it can eliminate or lessen the chance of street failure after acceptance which will save time, money and resources.  The most common location for street failure is at or on a patch. Patches at or near catch basins have an increased chance of repeated failure since there may still be excessive moisture trapped in the stone and sub-grade. The once solid section of asphalt now has a cold joint that is susceptible to movement which could also cause the asphalt to fail.


This damage may not become apparent for several years, and at that point it will be a city expense to repair. The StreetScaper provides a good tight seal and can be paved over when it is time to put down the final layer of asphalt.


From my 20+ years of experience in land development and home-building, the areas that fail the fastest and most often are the areas that have had standing water and/or have been patched. The StreetScaper can help solve these problems.


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